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THIRD MISSION: April 2-5, 2022

Gear & Equipment Delivered

 22 DJI 2 Mini Drones

 3 climbing helmets (for civilian rescue)

 3 Bushnell Nv Equinox Z2 night vision monoculars


Mission Details

With each mission we have created stronger connections and ties to deliver equipment to Ukrainian forces. These growing relationships have put us into reliable pipelines to get the materials we are donating directly into the hands of Ukrainian military forces and further their efforts to repel the Russia invaders. At the request of Ukrainian military contacts on my last mission, on this trip I again delivered drones (22 - DJI Mini 2s), but also 20 climbing helmets and 3 Bushnell Nv Equinox Z2 night vision monoculars.  

For this recent trip, before I left Geneva on April 2, I was linked to (name redacted), a representative of the Ukrainian State Emergency Services. (Name redacted) is part of a group of Slovakian speaking Ukrainian firefighters that were deployed at the start of the war into Slovakia to coordinate incoming Western aid. He was literally awaiting my arrival to Senec, Slovakia near the capital Bratislava. That meeting location was very helpful as it carved off 2 ½ days of driving from what had been a 6 day round trip that I had undertaken on Missions #1 and especially #2 when I went all the way to Lviv, Ukraine. (Name redacted) was very pleased to see that I was bringing DJI Mini 2s as they are considered one of the best for their surveillance and reconnaissance needs. All the materials and supplies being received in Senec are then getting across Slovakia to the Ukrainian border by train or for the urgently needed supplies, they are fast tracked by van. All my equipment was immediately loaded onto a van for the faster routing directly into the hands of military forces engaged in the fight. 

Once again for future missions, I was asked to continue the supply of drones. And in addition, like the last trip, I was given more items from their wish list. So, I’ve been made aware of their desire for metal detectors and red dot rifle scopes. Though I would like to provide those items, too, after some research it appears that those items are going to be difficult to impossible to acquire. So I will continue to focus on acquiring more drones and for now possibly more helmets and night vision gear.

The Ukrainian people continue to impress me with their dedication and integrity. Two quick stories to illustrate that: after dropping off the gear, I went out with (name redacted) to have a quick coffee before I began the drive back to Geneva. His English is good, but not perfect. As we talked about the revelation of the atrocities being uncovered in several towns with the Russian withdrawals, I said something to the effect that, “the Russians need to fight on the battlefield, not kill civilians.”  (Name redacted) misunderstood me and thought I said they should be taken out and shot for their acts of barbarity. He told me, “No Bill, we are Ukrainians. We won’t execute even these Russians soldiers.” Wow, given the recent ghastly behavior of the Russians, I’m sure many of us probably would think to simply line them up against the wall and be done. Lastly, as I was about to jump in my vehicle, I had about 200 euros worth of Slovak koruna. Knowing these koruna would not be of use to me as soon as I drove out of the country, I offered them to (name redacted) and told him to simply give them to anyone he felt was in need. He would not accept them. He didn’t want to take cash and any potential charge of graft and corruption with siphoning of aid money. Only equipment.

Our mission continues to be needed and very rewarding knowing we are directly aiding the Ukrainian people in Fighting Back.

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