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To save Ukrainian lives, and enable Ukraine's Army to prevail against Putin.


Fight Back for Ukraine is a volunteer-run organization founded in March of 2022. A full 100% of any contributions goes toward the purchase of equipment delivered directly into the hands of Ukrainians forced to defend their lives, families, and livelihoods from Russian invasion.


We have made five trips to Ukraine to deliver supplies, with a sixth trip planned for mid June 2022.

Click the video link to the right to see an interview with founder Bill Daniels.

Statement from the Founder

Hi, my name is Bill, and it's my mission to support Ukraine's stand against Putin's invasion by delivering much-needed supplies and equipment to Ukrainian refugees and soldiers. During the last month, I have made three trips from where I live in Gex, France (a small village near Geneva, Switzerland) to Slovakia and Lviv, Ukraine to deliver personally purchased food supplies to refugees, and surveillance drones to frontline fighting troops. For future trips, I've been asked to bring night vision and medical equipment, as well as body armor and helmets, in addition to more surveillance drones.


Why drones? Both surveillance and armed drones have become an integral part of modern combat, and Ukraine is using them with excellent results. They use armed military drones like the Bayraktar to destroy Russian tanks and vehicles, destroy airfields and aircraft on the ground, and even sink ships. They also use surveillance drones for reconnaissance and targeting. Drones give them an ‘eye in the sky' that allows them to spot Russian forces while remaining safe themselves. Rather than sending out scouting patrols (dangerous work) or setting up artillery spotting positions (very dangerous work), the Ukrainian army can remain in relative safety, but bring accurate fire to bear upon the enemy. In effect, drones save Ukrainian lives and contribute to the destruction of the Russian invaders. The DJI Mini 2 drones I have been purchasing and delivering to troops were recommended to me by a Swiss drone engineer and can be easily flown without any training within 15 minutes of unboxing.


In addition to my efforts, a small group of Ukrainian civilians are currently using their own personal drones to fly missions for the army, and NATO has also been sending surveillance drones, but more is simply better; the idea is to get as many drones as possible directly into the hands of frontline troops giving them a real-time, direct advantage over Russian forces.


The war in Ukraine is a fight for liberty and democracy. It is our fight too. Ukraine is holding the frontline against the march of tyranny. Let’s help them fight. Please consider joining me in saving lives and ensuring Ukraine's victory. If Ukraine loses, what or who is next?

Special Note: A two-word name and a country of origin can be hand-written with Sharpie on drone boxes being delivered to troops, with contributions of 500 Euros / $550 or more. If you'd like to include a personal message of encouragement to the Ukrainian troops, we will make sure it is delivered with any donation amount. To see examples, please click here.

~ Bill Daniels

    Founder of Fight Back for Ukraine

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