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So the recipient soldiers and volunteer forces will know the name and country of origin of the donor, for full sponsorship of any of the equipment we will write on the box the contributor’s first name, last initial and their country. (See examples below.)

Examples of Names on Drones



Contributors that donate the entire cost to sponsor a drone, as long as they are ok with it being handwritten using a Sharpie, can name the drone and we will write it on it (up to three words). DJI Mini 2 Surveillance Drone - (€600/ $650 / £500 each) See examples below:

Example Messages from Donors - (All notes will be translated to Ukrainian)


If you'd like to include a personal message of encouragement to the Ukrainian troops, we will make sure it is delivered with any donation amount. See examples of messages below

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"To the courageous men and women in Ukraine:

My thoughts are with you every day in the face of the pain and anguish you have to go through.  


I wish you all the very best, that you stay strong and in good health, and that you can be reunited with your loved ones soon.  


May we all find peace again very soon.


In sincere gratitude and admiration, 





"To the Soldiers and people of the Ukraine, my family and I are sending prayers that you may be blessed with tremendous strength, confidence, perseverance, and love to defeat the Russians. You are a beautiful and brave people and the hearts of my family and so many of us in the West are with you as you fight. 


I hope that this contribution allows you to gather reconnaissance while remaining somewhat safe and protected. 


Holding you in our prayers,


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