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We are honored to have the support of Ukrainian social activist, and award-winning recording artist, Ruslana.

She is a champion for the Ukrainian people, and for peace across Europe.

View personal messages from Ruslana to our founder, her message to world leaders, the song she dedicated to Ukraine, links to her social media, and more. 

Ruslana's message to World Leaders

Ruslana's message to World Leaders

I appeal to world leaders! We need cooperate and act together. Ukraine should be considered as the frontline defending the whole world. Ukraine isn't separate country where there is "local war conflict". This "conflict" is global. The more and longer the world politicians will consider it as local conflict, more civic people will be killed (not just in Ukraine but in Europe and around the world too). It isn't time to be afraid of. We must show no fear. As soon as Putin feeling getting his face bashed, he will retreat. It is needed just to punch him in the mouth well! And in doing so, And in doing so, we cannot be delayed any longer! That's quite a cynical way just to wait when Putin will end up destroying himself, Russian army falls apart and Russia follows it. Before it happens, Ukrainian army and civic citizens will continue to die and Ukraine – to be destroyed. Nowhere else in the world there are soldiers of such courage and motivation. It is real significance to the world. But time is not on our side. Time is on Putin’s side: The more Ukraine’s military losses will cause less likely to push Putin back. The tragedy of Mariupol is not just that more than 10000 civilians have died. Now, one of the most powerful and heroic battalions in the world, Azov, is surrounded. All these heroes need urgent help! That's why properly time managing is the subject of high importance. Ukraine urgently needs: - Artillery guns (155 mm caliber) and ammunition; - Artillery shells (152 mm caliber). As many as possible; - Multiple rocket launchers: Grad, Uragan, or American M142 HIMARS; - APCs (APCs, IFVs, etc.); - Tanks (T-72, American or German equivalents); - SAMs (S-300, BUK or similar modern Western SAMs); - Combat aircraft.

Ruslana's Testimonials


Dear Bill,

I am in touch with 110th Territorial Defense Brigade (details redacted). It is one of the very first frontlines (of fighting) now.


They need technical supplies. Maybe you will be able to help with some of these points:

- rangefinders (3 it.)

- thermal imager (12 it.)


They also is asking for Autel Evo II Dual Rugged Bundle drone. But its price is high and I suppose it is subject for special fundraising. I will think how to arrange it.


I am also in touch with the Voluntary formation #34 of territorial community of (location redacted). These are volunteers that are getting no funds from the state. Their major functions are armed defense of (location redacted), maintenance of public order, fire safety of the area of their responsibility, humanitarian and medical aid to civilians, creation of water and food reserve in the event of intensified combat action. Since this unit has no access to the state or any other funds, all above mentioned is done at the cost of private individual, both members of the unit and those who are willing to help. For this reason, any support to them is of a great value.


We are very thankful for everything you do!


~ Ruslana

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