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We are honored to have the support of Ukrainian activists and emergency and military personnel. Below, we share information on collaboration partners and some of the personal messages we've received from a few of the extraordinary people supporting our cause.

"Dear Bill, I will try to help you in the best way I can. You make a huge job for our country, for our nation!"

- Nazar, State Emergency Services of Ukraine 

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Ruslana, one of our supporters and major champions of our cause, thanks founder Bill for always following through with aid to the Ukrainian people, when others prove unreliable.

To learn more about Ruslana, click HERE.

"Only through collaboration can we bring aid to the people of Ukraine." 

 - Simon Hardman


"Providing help during this difficult time for all of us, you pass us not just a material values but a hope, that together we will overcome any difficulties." 

 -Volodymyr, Commander: Voluntary Formation #34

Eyes on Ukraine is striving to get as many video drones as possible in the air over the places in Ukraine where fighting is going on, so the truth will not perish in this war. If people are able to film on the spot with drones we can all see what is happening. As a result, it will become much more difficult to deny attacks on civilian targets or the use of cluster bombs.

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